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Whether you are looking for a second home to go on holiday to or to invest in – in both cases it is a good idea to get as much information as possible before actually buying. We strongly believe in the power of information and are happy to share the most interesting articles with you. In need of more information? Do not hesitate to visit the fair and talk to the experts there.

Belgian buyers heading to Spain

A growing number of Belgian buyers are choosing Spain as their holiday home hotspot, according to one homebuilder. North Europe has increasingly been a strong presence in Spain’s property market, with Scandinavian investors particularly active. Now, though, Belgian buyers are joining the trend, according to Taylor Wimpey España. The firm...
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Spanish overseas property sales soar with 43%

Property transactions by non-resident foreigners rose 43 percent in Q2 compared to the same period last year according to the General Council of Notaries. Non residents bought 8030 homes in Q2 of last year.  The biggest increases came from Belgians, up 78pc, French (+70pc), Germans (+35pc) and the British (25pc)....
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Second home in France popular among Belgians

The Belgians purchased more holiday homes last year than the British, the Americans and the Swiss. Of the approximately 140.000 Belgians who own a holiday home abroad, one third chooses France. Provence is the place to establish a second home. Despite the popularity and price reductions in Spain, France and...
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Macedonia, the new location for a second home?

How about Macedonia? With its unspoiled nature, bright sources and the oldest and most beautiful lake of Europe: Lake Ohrid. This country offers you everything you wish when thinking of a holiday destination in Southern Europe and much more! Today we want to keep enjoying our holidays, our well-deserved rest...
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Your second home: free from fiscal concerns too?

What is more beautiful than a second home under the southern sun and enjoy lazing around? That is the dream of many people. But if you want this dream to come true, you must make sure that you are well-informed. Or else some dark fiscal clouds might spoil your fun....
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Tips & tricks for purchasing real estate in Turkey

Over the past few years the attention of foreign investors for real estate in Turkey has grown. Different factors play a role in this evolution. Economy, geography (climate), mutual standards with the EU, low prices on the housing market, attractive tax system and political stability despite the Middle East conflict...
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Spanish house prices: decrease or increase?

Depending on the source you read that the prices in Spain have decreased at an average rate of 30 to 50%. People rightly wonder: will the prices decrease even more? In other words, should we purchase now or still wait a little? One thing is certain: a bit of attention...
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