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What makes Turkey so attractive as country for investing in a second home.

Turkey, with its strong economy and an increasing amount of European companies, remains a country with a lot of potential. The Turkish export is still

(Nederlands) Tweede woning is in trek bij Belgen

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Building boom in Austria

Comfortable and luxurious holiday homes are in high demand In proportion to the number of inhabitants, Austria has the highest tourist activity in Eur

(Nederlands) Meer leningen voor tweede verblijf

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Second home in Spain: 2016’s trends

Belgians tend to become more and more interested in a second home and in 2015, this was coupled with some new trends. According to Leen Vermeulen from

Time to buy a second home in Italy in 2016?

On the plus side Italy’s economy may have been struggling to recover from a crisis in recent years, but there are some promising signs that green shoo

Spain Registered Record Levels of Real Estate Investment in 2015

January 15th, 2016 Real estate investment in Spain reached record levels in 2015, according to data from BNP Paribas Real Estate, with transactions am

Second home generates good financial returns

Either a green or a snow-white scenery – that is what the tourists see when they visit Austria. In winter they arrive in a completely white world, whe

Interest in second homes remains high

Belgians have been present in the top three of owners of a home abroad for years. Usually, interested buyers have the sufficient financial means thems